From the moment of the catch be it from our own aquaculture farms or through our contracted trawlers we get involved from when as it is caught till it is served. Speed, Time, Temperature, Hygiene and Accuracy are constantly stressed at every step and our QC personnel regularly monitor to prevent any deviations from procedures & specifications.

Karunya is extremely quality conscious and its Quality management system has been built on its own stringent quality control system established in accordance with the HACCP principles based on regulations and principles set by the European Union, USFDA, Codex Alimentarius and BRC. Food Safety and Hygiene requirements cover the entire design of building and all its production processes and cleaning procedures.

Our internal control system has a strict quality policy in place, through which we are able to offer you superb seafood products with full traceability from raw materials to finished products. We have our own ice plants that supply ice to the boat owners/ suppliers so that the catch gets iced immediately and kept hygienically. We have our own modern laboratory set up for all the testing required and also equipped with ELISA readers to constantly test the quality of each batch of farmed material. The strategic location of our factory ensures a low transport time from all landing centre’s to the processing plant.


The quality systems and process at our facility have been certified according to all the major standards on food safety and quality management.
Below you will find all applicable certification schemes for our facility:

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